How Double Dates Could be Just What You and Your Man need


double dateBy: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever gone on a double date before? Did you find it more intimate and relaxed or did you feel like it was intruding on your alone time with your partner? New studies show that double dating can actually be great for your relationship and help it to grow stronger.

There were 150 couples at an Austin, Texas conference for the Society of Personality and Social Psychology groups. They were asked routine date questions like where they grew up and what their idea of a perfect date was. They found that when the couples engaged with other couples and got feedback from them they felt more connected to their partner. Having another couple laugh along with your stories and listen to all of the “getting to know you” details sparked a sense of romance back into the couple’s lives.

When the other couple that you are out with is asking all these questions, even though you have probably heard all of the answers from your partner already, it can help you to have a fresh picture in your mind of your partner. You end up responding positively. It is as if you are on your first date all over again. This can help you to get back to that first date and rekindle the romance all over again.

While going on double dates all the time is not recommended, every now and then can be really healthy for your relationship. If you feel that you are getting into a rut or things are going stale, try going out with another couple for the night and see if the romance sparks up again. Who knows, you may even find out some new and interesting things about your partner!


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