How Drinking Too Much Tea Can Result in Loss Of Teeth & Bone Problems


Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaBy Staff Blogger

A nice warm cup of tea on a cold day sounds great right? Tea wasn’t so great for a 47-year-old Michigan woman. She drank excessive amounts and ended up losing her teeth because of it. She also had other bone problems as well. Her excessive tea consumption for 20 years had caused her fluoride levels to spike. Her doctor, Sudhaker Rao found this when she came in for pain treatment.

The Michigan woman had been consuming a pitcher of tea per day for 20 years. Each pitcher would have contained roughly 20mg of fluoride. Tea brewed in the US has a higher fluoride content than other teas, and this is what she chose to drink. Her bones were so brittle from all of the fluoride that she ingested that her teeth had to be pulled. Dr. Rao stated that her bone density was seven times higher than normal.

The patient has since been on a tea-free diet and has recovered but it just goes to show you that even the most harmless things can cause issues when consumed in excess. Tea is normally a healthy drink that people drink to calm them and to relax. However in the amount that this woman was consuming, it because a dangerous drink.

Some other foods that are bad for your teeth are:

  1. Dried fruits – Dried fruits are extremely high in sugar due to how they are processed.
  2. Sports drinks and soda – These drinks are high in sugar.
  3. Hard candies – These are not only sticky and sugary, but they are in your mouth for a while.
  4. Alcohol – Alcohol reduces the amount of saliva which washes away the acid that can break your teeth down.

It is important to remember sugar content and serving sizes when you eat or drink.


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