How Food Network’s Gina Neely Lost 20 Pounds and Kept It Off


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

The Food Network’s Gina Neely loves to cook. Most of the food that she is seen cooking on her show, that she co-hosts with her husband, Down Home with the Neelys, is heavy on the butter with a Southern flair. She decided that she needed to lose a little weight so she participated in the George Foreman Weight Loss Challenge. The challenge is a 12 week plan that moderates food and increases exercise. It even gives you grocery lists for the week. After 12 weeks on the program, Gina has lost an impressive 20 pounds and has made some healthy changes to her life.

The celebrity cook recently did an interview with Fitness Magazine and spoke about the plan and how it has helped her. She says that she had a physical and was told that her cholesterol was high. She decided that she needed to change things around so that she could be healthy enough to remain around for her daughters.

Neely said that just in the first week and a half she noticed that her pants were becoming looser and she got excited. It was easier after that because she was actually seeing results. She stated that the George Foreman grill helped her quite a bit because it cooked her meals faster as opposed to all of the chopping and prep that she used to do before which resulted in her picking at the food along the way.

One of the biggest changes that Neely made was her exercise habits. She schedules her workouts and keeps that schedule. If someone asks her to meet them to do something during her scheduled workout time, she will refuse. She even admitted to getting out her Billy Blanks workout tapes.

Now that she is on a healthier lifestyle track for herself, she is putting that to use in other parts of her life. She is putting out a new cookbook that is full of healthier recipes for everyone to enjoy.



  1. A lot of the Food Channel Network hosts need to lose a few pounds. (Guy Feiro) Now Gina has to keep the weight off because her fans are watching. She does look great. Good job!!

  2. Thanks and Congrats!!!! I will try to get my son on this exercise plan, because he has the same problem and I want him around for a long time. God Bless and Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your new book!!!!!

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