How Getting a New Job Can Be as Stressful as Losing a Job


600-01030002By Staff Blogger

So you got that new job that you were gunning for? Congratulations! Now it is time to be creative about managing the stress. That’s right, a new job can almost immediately bring on new stresses. You have to meet new people, learn new job functions, get into a new routine, and most importantly, prove to the company that they hired the right person for the job. Some people who already have stressful conditions such as depression or anxiety report getting worse when they get a new job.

To help alleviate any stress, that may come right away, you need to slow down and begin to figure things out. Take the time to get to know your co-workers. Take some time researching your position and the best ways to achieve success. Some other much needed stress relievers are:

–         Sleep

–         Eating well and exercising

–         Organize daily activities the night before

–         Ask for help from others

–         Take some fun time for yourself

–         Use the weekends for you, not for work

To help with the mental side of stress, Ramani Durvasula, a clinical psychologist suggests the following:

–         Give yourself a break

–         Don’t be your own worst critic

–         Be mindful of how you are thinking and reacting to situations

–         Take five minutes to breathe or meditate

–         Continue therapy if you are already in it

–         Take care of yourself

Sometimes the stress of a new job can be a great motivator in that it helps people push for success and helps their productivity. However in the long run, the stress could lead to being burnt out and poor job performance. When you get that new job, take a step back and make sure you are taking time for yourself too so that you don’t get caught up.



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