How Going “number two” Can Help You to Lose Weight


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While everyone is running around trying to find weight loss solutions, they are forgetting about one solution that is sitting right in their own intestinal tract. That’s right, it’s your p00p! Waste equals weight. Excess feces in your body means extra weight. If you can learn to eliminate your extra waste on a regular schedule, weight loss management can become easier.

Cleansing your body is a great way to feel better and to help you lose some weight. By using food combining and implementing a few new practices into your daily routine you can cleanse your system and allow your digestive system to work properly.

The basics of food combining are as follows. First you need to understand the complexities of the digestive system. Different food groups take a different amount of time to be digested and absorbed by the body. The faster the food is digested, the less waste there is left behind in the body. With less waste comes easier digestion and a more regular routine for “number two”!

Some of the things you can expect to see less of when you learn to get your digestive system back on track are: weight, cellulite, headaches, gas, acid reflux, inflammation, constipation, and irritable bowels. Sounds great-right?

Here are some important food combinations:

– Veggies with nuts or seeds
– Veggies with legumes and beans
– Veggies with non-gluten grains
– Veggies and animal protein
– One protein category per meal (meat, legumes, nuts)
– Choose either a starch or a protein during a meal but not both
– Always eat fresh fruit on an empty stomach and by itself (except for leafy greens which fruit goes well with)

The key is to not mix protein with starch. Veggies go great with just about everything. There are many different gray areas in food combining and it is not a perfect science, but it is a way to get you on track to a healthier digestive system and a healthier you.


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  1. Don’t forget about probiotics and multi-enzymes. I have Chrons disease and I treat myself with cutting down on bread and these herbs 🙂 Any questions??

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