How Hormones Affect Women’s Moods, S*x Drive & Well-being


PMSBy Staff Blogger

Having hormones is all a part of being a woman. As the hormone levels go up and down, so do our moods and how we feel. They cause us to have our periods, menopause, and raise our s*x drive. Here are some times when hormones go crazy and how to keep them as balanced as possible.

1. PMS – This is the time of the month that your man hates. You can become cranky, irritable, bloated, tired, depressed, and just emotional all around. This is because your estrogen and progesterone levels are dropping for your upcoming cycle. Most women go through these symptoms for a few days and then they are gone. Others have more severe forms of these symptoms and must take medication for them. Over the counter drugs can help with the bloating, headache, and lack of energy. Low dose birth control pills can also help to balance the hormones.

2. Pregnancy – Estrogen and progesterone levels soar when you become pregnant and drop after childbirth. This is why so many pregnant women have mood swings. Nausea is caused by the hCG hormone that is released by the placenta. To calm extreme nausea, there are some remedies; eat small, frequent meals. If you find you are depressed after childbirth, have your doctor check for post-partum depression.

3. Perimenopause – 2 to 10 years before menopause your ovaries will produce less and less estrogen. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and mood swings are symptoms that you may experience. Slow deep breathing twice a day for 15 minutes reduces hot flashes as does working out. Birth control pills can help with other symptoms.

4. Menopause – When you have not had a period in at least a year, you have hit menopause. Your ovaries no longer produce estrogen or progesterone. The average woman hits menopause at age 51. You may still experience hot flashes and what women call a “mental fog”. Most symptoms will disappear without any medications.


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