How Jada Pinkett Smith Maintains Her Gorgeous Beach Body


Jada at beachSome photos of Jada-Pinkett Smith on vacation have been circulating online. The photos are reported to have been taken while she was enjoying a day out at the beach with her daughter Willow.

Many of the comments responding to the photos remarked how well toned and in shape Mrs. Smith looked and she was kind enough to share her secret to looking fabulous beyond 40!

Considering how often we hear that, as far as a woman’s body goes, after 40 it’s downhill, it’s great to see that Jada is not buying into that lie!

Apparently a fan stopped Jada on the street and asked her what she does to keep her arms so well toned and she decided to share the message below on her Facebook page:

A young woman pulled me up yesterday about this pic and asked for some workout tips for her arms. I promised I would post it today so…here we go.

PUSH-UPS are my favorite exercise for my arms. You may need to start on your knees to get in 3 sets of 10. Try to work to getting off of your knees and doing as many push-ups as possible a day until your arms look the way YOU want. Try different arm positions as well, hands in a triangle with nose to the middle of it for triceps, arms wide hands turned out for chest, and then the good ol’ classic push-up. No gym necessary:) A workout can be incorporated into your daily activities which we can discuss later.

Do some kind of physical activity every day or every other day. Do what you love with a lot of determination to reach your personal physical goals.

Remember, beauty is all about how you feel about YOU, no matter color, shape or size.

Here’s to our health and our unique beauty.



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