How Joyful Women Start Their Mornings


morning smileBy Staff Blogger

Dragging yourself out of bed in the morning can be one of the most tedious and awful tasks that you will accomplish during the day. There are some out there who are morning people and when that alarm goes off at the crack of dawn they are right up and ready to go. Ever wonder how they wake up so energetic and happy? Here are eight ways that these people go about starting their day:

1. A nice calm awakening. They don’t put the alarm right next to their ear drum and have it blast full volume until it is shut off. Savor these moments because they are so fleeting.

2. Meditation is a useful tool. It is great for the mind and the body. When you rise for the day meditate on the good things about the day that you are looking forward to.

3. Start with a clean slate every day. When you wake up don’t mull over the past few days and put yourself in a bad mood if something bad happened. Just set it aside and forget it for now.

4. Be here now. Don’t live in the past or the future. Think about where you are right now and why you are happy to be there.

5. Find some inspiration for the day. Nothing gets a great day going better than a great quote to be read and posted for all to see. Share with friends and coworkers.

6. Show the love. When you get up, shower those around you with love. It will put you and them in a much better mood.

7. Follow a morning routine that is not too hectic. No yelling at the kids to hurry up but don’t be extremely strict when they are getting ready. Make sure everyone knows the drill and try to let them do their own thing.

8. Get your focus on something important that is coming up for the day whether it be a meeting at work, seeing an old friend again, or even just going shopping by yourself for the day.


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  1. What’s up?? No morning people here?? I’m not not a morning person either. Hate it. I come alive when evening falls. I am most comfortable and my thinking is most clear. My office is on the second level of my home. My hours are unusual but it works for my clients as well as myself.

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