How “knocking boots” Improves Your Health


black lovers1For a lot of women, when the topic of  “intimacy” comes up, they feel a lot of shame and  embarrassment and would rather move on to another topic. Sometimes people are embarrassed by this conversation  because they grew up in homes where “intimacy” was seen as something forbidden or even “nasty”. If you are one of those people who was taught to be ashamed of “intimacy,” there is good news for you.

The good news is that, within the right boundaries, such as within marriage,  for those who believe that they should wait to be married to “take the relationship to another level”, or for consenting adults who are in committed relationships and have been tested for (and are free of) venereal diseases, “knocking boots” can be a great boost to their health.

The following are the reasons why you should grab your man and get busy!

1. Less Stress, Better Blood Pressure

Having s*e*x could lower your stress and your blood pressure.

That finding comes from a Scottish study of 24 women and 22 men who kept records of their s*[email protected] activity. The researchers put them in stressful situations — such as speaking in public and doing math out loud — and checked their blood pressure.

People who had had intercourse responded better to stress than those who engaged in other s*[email protected] behaviors or abstained.

Another study found that diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number of your blood pressure) tends to be lower in people who live together and have s*e*x often.

2. S*e*x Boosts Immunity

Having s*e*x once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections. 

A Wilkes University study had 112 college students keep records of how often they had sex and also provide saliva samples for the study. Those who had s*e*x once or twice a week had higher levels of IgA, an antibody that could help you avoid a cold or other infection, than other students.

3. S*e*x Burns Calories

Thirty minutes of s*e*x burns 85 calories or more. It may not sound like much, but it adds up: 42 half-hour sessions will burn 3,570 calories, more than enough to lose a pound. Doubling up, you could drop that pound in 21 hour-long sessions.

“S*e*x is a great mode of exercise,” Los Angeles sexologist Patti Britton, says. It takes both physical and psychological work, though, to do it well, she says.

4. S*e*x Improves Heart Health

A 20-year-long British study shows that men who had s*e*x two or more times a week were half as likely to have a fatal heart attack than men who had s*e*x less than once a month.

And although some older folks may worry that sex could cause a stroke, the study found no link between how often men had s*e*x and how likely they were to have a stroke. 

5. Better Self-Esteem

University of Texas researchers found that boosting self-esteem was one of 237 reasons people have sex.

That finding makes sense to s*e*x, marriage, and family therapist Gina Ogden. She also says that those who already have self-esteem say they sometimes have s*e*x to feel even better.

“One of the reasons people say they have sex is to feel good about themselves,” she says. “Great sex begins with self-esteem. If the sex is loving, connected, and what you want, it raises it.”

Of course, you don’t have to have lots of s*e*x to feel good about yourself. Your self-esteem is all about you — not someone else. But if you’re already feeling good about yourself, a great s*e*x life may help you feel even better.




  1. I fully agree with this article. I have been celibate for four years and finally feel like I’ve reached the place where I can become intimate. Problem is, I cannot find a grown responsible man willing to be HIV/STD tested before we take that step. Unfortunately I cannot rely on condoms alone. I am tested annually and require the same in my monogamous connection.

  2. Wow, why I am Moody, high BP,WEIGHT GAIN,CAN’T SLEEP,and I never think about sex until it’s mention then I get upset. I don’t wanna, can I get some good advice please.

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