How Losing 50 pounds Left One Woman Confused and Unhappy With Her Body


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Jessica Derschowitz began a weight loss journey in 2012. She ended up losing 53 pounds in just ten months. She went down three whole dress sizes and went from an overweight BMI of 32 to a healthy weight BMI of 23. But in the process, something happened to Jessica. She felt like she had lost who she truly was.

Jessica was a couch potato. In April of 2012 she decided that a change was needed. She was not happy with the way she looked and felt. She hadn’t really cared that she was overweight before April. She was 200 pounds at 5’5’’ tall. She wasn’t motivated to lose weight. She would try different diets but when they ended up causing her to gain more weight or remain at the same weight she would get frustrated and give up. This sounds like most of us right?

So after all this time of not caring about how she looked, what made her change her attitude towards losing weight? She was at a friend’s wedding in Key West, Florida and someone took a photo of her that made her want to cry. She said that she wanted to hide the photo so that no one would ever see it. She joined a gym and then joined Weight Watchers. She began to lose a pound or two a week and before she knew it she was 53 pounds lighter. Even though she had lost all of the weight, and was happy about the health benefits that she was noticing, she still wasn’t happy.

Jessica realized that the more weight she dropped the more critical of her body she became. She didn’t recognize herself without that extra weight and began to realize that she felt like a different person. She stopped going to Weight Watchers but is still very conscious about her eating habits and she still exercises regularly. She is still having a hard time adjusting to getting dressed since none of her clothes fit anymore and she can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe at the moment. Jessica says that she hopes that the anxieties that she is feeling will go away and that this will all become second nature to her, but for now, she doesn’t feel right.


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