How Many People Use Condoms Wrong


By: Isabella Carson

There is only one way that a condom will protect against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. You have to use it correctly. Surprisingly there are many different ways that people are using condoms incorrectly. Here are the 10 things that people are doing to increase their STD and pregnancy risk:

1. Too early – If you put a condom on too early, before the man is fully erect, the condom may not fit right once everything has filled out. This can cause gaps or can even prevent the man from continuing to have s*x because it could cut off circulation.

2. Pay attention – If there is a slight change in the way that the condom is feeling while it is on, there could be a tear. Check for tears before using. It is not common for one to tear during s*x but it is very common for one to be torn while it is being put on.

3. Inside out – There is really only one way to unroll a condom but yet some men still end up with them on inside out every now and then. While this is not a big deal if it is a regular condom, the ones with the sp*rmicide in them could reduce the effectiveness of birth control.

4. Wrong size – It can take a few tries for a man to figure out what size he truly needs. Men sometimes like to overestimate themselves and get a condom that is too big. This can cause leakage or it could fall off completely. If the cond0m is too small it can be too tight and could increase the risk of breakage.

5. Unrolling – You should never unroll the condom completely before it is placed. This makes it that much harder to put it on and can increase the risk of tears and breaks.

6. Waiting too long – Many men make the mistake of waiting too long to put the condom on. [email protected] can contain quite a bit of sp*rm as well as STDs so if you wait too long you are increasing the risk even though you may not realize it.

7. Reusing the condom – Always make sure you have plenty on hand because a condom should never be reused.

8. Leaving on too long – For those who like to go a few rounds per night, leaving the condom on too long can increase the risk of pregnancy or STDs. If the condom is left on after s*x the [email protected] can harden. This can trap sp*rm and bacteria on the head of the p*nis which is then left there during the next round and has a slight chance of getting the woman pregnant or giving her an STD.

9. Expiration date – Condoms have a shelf life. They have expiration dates on the box and the packages. Make sure that you pay attention to these dates as over time the latex can break down and will not be as effective.

10. Double bag it – One of the most common myths is that if you really want to be protected you should wear two condoms. This is not true at all and in fact can actually increase your risk of pregnancy and STDs as it could increase the risk of breakage.


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