How Men Are Emasculated By The Female Breadwinner


oprah n stedmanBy Staff Blogger

Despite the excellent strides women have made in the workforce, they are still being paid less than their male counterparts. Men are traditionally the breadwinners in the family, however women are slowly taking the lead by getting better jobs and making more money than their spouses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 40% of American women are now earning more than their partners. The only question is, does this dynamic work for their partners?

Citi had asked its LinkdIn group, Connect: Professional Women’s Network what they thought about the female being the breadwinner. Many were proud that they were the primary earner, and their husbands were fine with it, but there were those women who said that they wished for less of a power struggle due to their earnings.

Usually, in this situation, it isn’t even the couples that have the issue with the woman earning more; it is society. People may look down on the man for not being the traditional breadwinner which can take a toll on the relationship. What the man was once fine with is now something that is making him feel emasculated by society. It seems like it is going to take a little longer for society to wrap its mind around the fact that earning the most money isn’t just for men anymore and that men can earn less and may even be stay at home dads, if they so choose.

It can be hard, as a female, to be the one bringing in all the money, but it is becoming more and more common. But can the female breadwinner ever be accepted by society, in general?

What if you are a single woman earning a lot and you find that special someone? It may be a good idea to have a conversation about income before you get married to set expectations. Take turns staying at home with the kids. Live how you want to live, not how others think you should and conflict can be avoided in this situation!



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