How Most P-0-rn Gives Women Wrong Ideas About $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

If you have ever seen a p0rn movie you would know that it is pretty unrealistic. The problem is that the majority of women end up comparing their s*x life to that of the p0rn stars and believe the lies that are shown. Here are some of the biggest myths that women believe about s*x after seeing an adult film:

1. You need to be completely clean shaven in order for a guy to find you attractive.

2. [email protected] are easy and don’t take much effort at all according to the women in the films. We all know that one is a lie!

3. Women tend to believe that if they don’t have the perfectly toned and fit bodies of most of the women in adult films they are somehow abnormal and that plastic surgery would be the only way to make them more attractive.

4. S*x between two women is something that happens all the time. Two women are bored and alone so sure, they jump into bed together. We all know that this is not true as well.

5. The only way for your guy to enjoy s*x is if you really get into it and do everything that the p0rn stars do. You don’t have to moan if you aren’t feeling it. You don’t have to “get sticky” if you don’t wish to. It doesn’t mean that he is having less fun.

6. Men do not always make it about them. They actually do want to make sure that you are having a good time too!

7. Being s*xy means something different for everyone. There is no one specific mold that you must fit to be considered s*xy.

8. Not all men have the same pen!s size. Not all men are circumcised.

9. Men only think that one body type is s*xy. Not true at all. Every guy has his own definition as to what he finds to be s*xy.

10. Men are always ready and willing to jump into bed? No, they are not. They get tired too. Sometimes they just are not in the mood.

11. Those crazy s*x positions must feel great for everyone. Wrong. Some can be uncomfortable or downright painful depending on your shape and flexibility.



  1. Actually more MEN believe that their sex lives should be like the porn they are addicted to. They are the unrealistic ones!

  2. Sounds like sum BUl&%#$higitty to me! I’ve seen some of those women, & some we’re not all clean Shaven either Not Remotely. some “BIGG GURLZ” that we’re quite!! flexible. so the whole size four gotta have a perfect Bod thing is gone apparently. I’ll just say… Do what’s sexy and Comfortable for you and your Man, and don’t try the Moves. Methods, or Tacttics they use. Sexy is within whether your a size two or twenty two you’ve got to know how to Work It Gurrl!!!

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