How Music Can Help Your $ex Life


By: Krystle Crossman

Music is a part of everyone’s lives. You listen to it in the car, in the shower, and even while you are riding in an elevator. It can help to calm your nerves and release tension. One thing that you may not realize that music can do is help your s*x life. A new study from Sonos and Apple shows that people who listen to music in their homes regularly tend to have more s*x than those who don’t. Not only were couples closer, but families felt emotionally closer to each other as well. Neuroscientist Dr. Daniel J. Levitin has completed a lot of research on how music affects the brain and our emotions towards others.

Sonos gave 30 families all of the equipment that they would need to have their homes wired for sound. They installed Sonos surround sound systems, iBeacons, Apple watches, and Nest cameras to see exactly what music did for all of them. For the first week the participants were told not to listen to any music at all. The researchers studied their moods, interactions, and overall well-being during this week. The participants were then told to stream whatever kind of music that they wanted. The results after watching the families listen to music were clear.

When listening to music while doing mundane daily chores made them more fun for the families. The researchers saw that their moods improved by 16%. Out of the 30 families, 25% were more inspired after listening to the music of their choice. The most interesting result was how much closer the participants became to their families. The researchers saw an increase in the time that they all spent together. On average the families spent 3 hours and 13 minutes more together when they had music constantly playing.

One of the biggest increases in togetherness that was shown was between couples. They reported that they were 37% more likely to have s*x when the music was playing. They were also 18% more likely to say “I love you” to each other. A survey was taken of 30,000 people and they also showed a large increase in the amount of alone time that they spent with their partners. The survey takers reported that they were 67% more likely to have s*x with music playing than without it.

Even though the study was a small sampling of families it still shows that music has an amazing effect on your brain. The sounds, the lyrics, and the beats can make your mood much better and bring you closer to those you love. Turn on the radio and enjoy life.



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