How Nina Went From Overweight Bulimic in 2011 to Miss America in 2013


nina-missusaBy: Krystle Crossman

Miss America Nina Davuluri is a beautiful and healthy woman. She was not always as healthy as she is today however. In high school she was a cheerleader, kept in great physical shape, danced, and played on many different varsity teams. Once she got to college that all changed. Her diet plummeted and she began to gain weight. At the end of her senior year in college she weighed 175 pounds at 5’4’’ tall. She didn’t go to the gym and was more worried about her studies than eating food that was good for her.

She knew that she had to make a change and was determined to do it. During summer break between her junior and senior year she dropped 20 pounds but unfortunately once she was back on campus it all came right back. She was so unhappy with her body and weight that she ended up turning to bulimia. She was bulimic when she graduated in 2011. Her sister noticed what was going on and spoke up about it. Nina was hurt and ashamed when she found out that her sister knew about her lifestyle and how she ate. It was just the push that she needed.

Being too embarrassed to go to the gym since it had been so long, Nina decided to do workouts at home. She would workout with Jillian Micheals’ 30 Day Shred program for 20 minutes a day. She started watching what she ate again and instead on indulging in junk food all the time she ate balanced meals. She went to the gym after a month but didn’t use any of the machines. She knew that being in a group of people would motivate her more to keep up with it so she took an aerobics class. She has lost 50 pounds so far with a variety of workouts and is back to the weight that she was in high school.

She says that she is much happier now that she is healthy. Some advice that she gives is to find a workout buddy to help push you along, switch your workouts up so you don’t become bored, and don’t let one setback discourage you.


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