How Olive Oil Helps People Live Longer, Healthier Lives.


olive oilOne of  reasons why many people miss out on the benefits of many beneficial health and wellness habits is because they do not know enough about what they should and should not eat to live healthier lives. Another reason is that often times, people go for what ever is cheapest and won’t cost them too much in the short term. But a lot of times what costs a little, short term, costs a lot, health-wise, in the long run.

One of the best oils that you can incorporate in your diet is olive oil. While it may cost a little more than the more commonly used oils, the benefits far outweigh the short term costs.

The scientific evidence that olive oil is good for us keeps getting stronger. In terms of health, studies have proven that diets that incorporate this oil (such as those found in the Mediterranean region) help people live longer, healthier lives. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), olive oil has also been linked to lower cholesterol, and may also normalize blood clotting, blood sugar levels, and insulin levels.

But one recent study is shedding light on the potential beauty benefits associated with ingesting olive oil. (We’ll get to its topical uses below.) In this study of almost 3,000 men and women between the ages of 45 and 60, a higher intake of olive oil correlated with less severe photoaging in the form of fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of sun damage like uneven tone and rough texture. So the next time you break out the pots and pans or serve up a salad, be sure to reach for the olive oil, too.

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