How One Woman Used Nudity to Change Her Life


AZJ0165N_1.tifBy Krystle Crossman

You have a beautiful body, no matter the shape or size. But how do you go about believing that for yourself? Writer Denise Jolly found the answer. Be naked. Nudity helped her to save her self-image and helped her to realize that her body is beautiful despite the fact that she is not supermodel thin.

Jolly would spend two hours of every day completely naked. She would look in the mirror at her body and took a photo every day (with the important parts covered) and posted them on the internet. She also ventured out from her house and took photos of her almost naked, 311 pound body in public places. She had support from her friends and family along the way in this project and at the end learned that she in fact is a desirable and powerful woman.

Jolly is also an artist and for inspiration she would walk around the city and listen to the local music, dance in the street, and write poems in chalk. She would think of phrases and quotes such as “I Dare U 2 Be” and “Be Brave”. She decided that she would write “be Vulnerable” across her stomach. When she did this she realized that her body was her most vulnerable part of her. So she changed the phrase to “BE BEAUTIFUL”, snapped a photo, and posted it on her blog to start a project which she calls the “BE BEAUTIFUL Project”. Her goal was to redefine beauty.

She wrote this phrase on her body every day for a month, and took a photo of herself in just a bra and panties in public places such as on a subway or at a bus stop. It empowered her and showed her that she was confident and she had a beautiful body. She waited for terrible comments about her body from the first photo that she posted, but none came. Instead she got love and support from those who viewed the picture on social media. By the end of the project, Jolly realized that she loved who she was and that others did too, she just needed to see it for herself.


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  1. Bravo! it takes a lot of courage to take such drastic measures to tune in to your own beauty, but I don’t knock it because most women suffer in silence and drag random men into their lives that don’t even care about them, for validation.

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