How Ordinary Women Are “Bringing S-ex-y Back”



By Staff Blogger

After going through life and some major life events like childbirth and getting older, women tend to lose that s*xy feeling. There are some ways that women reassure themselves and bring their s*xy back.

1. After having a child and breastfeeding, the [email protected] can tend to look different. One woman says that she doesn’t care because the only people seeing them are her and her husband and she feels like it’s a badge of honor.

2. Some women will hit the dance floor in order to feel s*xy again. Put on a little dance music and get moving!

3. Do your own thing regardless of what people think of you. Some women will give off a powerful and s*xy vibe when they go their own way without thinking about what others think of them. Confidence is s*xy.

4. Flattery is a great boost to help you get your swag back. Tilt a full length mirror on the wall in your home just like they have in dressing rooms. Look in it as you leave to give yourself a little confidence boost.

5. S*xy is all about how you feel about yourself. If you feel s*xy, you will appear that way to others as well.

6. Put your health in the spotlight. Make sure that you take care of yourself and you can retain that healthy figure that you have always have.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others. This will only bring you down and make you feel worse about yourself.

8. Make the leap and start saying “yes” more often. Ask yourself, “what’s the worst that can happen?” You may find yourself enjoying new experiences that you never thought you would.

9. Yoga is an excellent way to keep yourself in shape and a way to help you get rid of stress that you may have.

10. Look at yourself the way your children see you. Your child thinks you are the greatest person in the world, so view yourself that way! Love yourself-it’s easier tap into your s*xy self when you love yourself.


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