How Parents Teach Their Kids To Become Liars


By: Krystle Crossman

When you catch your child lying and want to force them to tell the truth you tell them to look you in the eye and say what they have to say. What you may not know is that this is actually teaching them how to lie. It may seem like the best way to get them to tell you the truth but in fact it is teaching them how to lie to someone while looking deep into their eyes.

People tend to think that when someone is not looking them in the eye when talking to them that they are lying. This may not always be the case. The person could have a nervous disorder. They could be embarrassed or ashamed about something. Or they could be lying. But research has shown that there is actually no relationship between lying and direct eye contact with someone. It actually shows that people who are lying tend to make more direct eye contact than those who are telling the truth.

People who are lying to someone want to make sure that they don’t know it so they do everything that they can to hide it. They will look someone straight in the eye and sometimes hold direct eye contact a little too long. It is hard for the person that they are talking with to decipher whether the person is really being honest or not. They are looking for that break in eye contact but when they don’t see it they figure that you must be telling the truth. This is one of the biggest problems with our preconceived notions that looking in other directions is a sign of a lie. Sometimes people who are nervous about eye contact or uncomfortable with it will appear to be deceitful all of the time because they can’t look someone in the eye.



  1. Thank you, thank you for this truth. I have had folks look me in my eyes and I know in my heart that they are lying. I will share this article with a few parents that I know. Hopefully they won’t do this with their children.

  2. Parents do teach their children how to lie. This is so true. We all have some relatives that teach their children and some children learn by watching their parents. Children can learn how to lie through their parents’ actions.

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