How Photobombing a Popstar Turned This Nigerian Vendor Into Model


By Victor Trammell

People love the traditional “rags to riches” story. They long to be inspired someone who becomes a runaway sensation after a humble beginning.

A great example of this kind of story recently unfolded in Lagos, Nigeria during a music video shoot for Tinie Tempah (pictured right), a British pop star. Tinie Tempah (born Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu) has climbed to the top of the charts with “Not Letting Go,” the single for his forthcoming third full-length album.

While Tinie Tempah was shooting the video for one of his songs in Lagos, a bread vendor named Olajumoke Orisaguna (pictured left) photobombed Tinie Tempah’s video shoot while giving him a contemplative side gaze as she wandered by the set. Tinie Tempah’s photographer snapped a picture of the enchanted moment, which went viral.

Tinie Tempah was wowed by the beautiful, young bread vendor after her completely random appearance on the set of his music video. Tinie Tempah was so intrigued by Orisaguna’s incidental entry into his frame of vision, he offered her the opportunity of a lifetime. Here is what Tine Tempah wrote on his Instagram page about this special moment.

“BEATIFULX : WHO IS SHE. Every one has been asking if this lady is a model .. It was just perfect coincidence … She just happened to be walking by while I photographed……It happened so fast. She definitely SHOULD be a model…I’m happy to help her build a portfolio if she’s interested. She’s so beautiful and photographed so well. I’ll find a way to track her down somehow.” (Tinie Tempah’s Instagram Page)

After this, Tinie Tempah’s photographer started circulating pictures and word of Orisaguna’s potential eventually made its way to the editor’s desk at This Day Style Magazine in Nigeria. An absolutely gorgeous photo of Orisaguna ended up on the cover of the magazine, which really rocketed her to prominence.

She is now signed on as a model for an agency called Few Models Management. The bread vendor from Lagos named Olajumoke Orisaguna has quickly transformed into Jumoke Sunday, a young, big-time model with the world by its tail. Congratulations, Ms. Sunday!

Jumoke Sunday






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