How “Plus-Size” Models Got Pushed Out Of The Fashion Industry


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you hear “plus size” model, you think of a woman who is pretty plump right? Well it seems that these pretty plump women are being phased out of the industry. These days “plus size” is considered to be a size 12 or 14 which is actually an average size for women, not plus size at all. What about women who are 22 or 24? If 12-14 are considered plus size, what are the heavier women considered? They aren’t considered at all.

Sealed With a Kiss is a plus size boutique. They posted two photos of model Alex LaRosa and had their fans vote as to which one should be their new ad. One photo was of Alex in a tight dress in a pose that showed off all of her curves. The second photo was one that showed her in a more conservative outfit, a dress with a long shirt over it and open in the front. The boutique was shocked to see that the votes were even for the two photos. They thought that the first photo would win by a landslide.

It is especially hard for women who are plus size to shop online for clothing when they are a size 24 but the dress that is being modeled is on a girl who is a 16. They want to see what it would look like on a woman with curves like them. In fact, according to a 2013 study by PLUS Model Magazine, 91.4% of women would like to see models that are bigger than a 12 modeling clothing online. Clothing stores are trying to market more to the smaller crowd and they continue to ask modeling agencies for someone who is smaller than they should be for the size clothing they are modeling. This is missing the mark with many women who are not a size 12 or less.



  1. This Article is really SAD…
    That is one bad dress and it looks beautiful on her.
    The God I know didn’t make all women the same size, but this OVERRATED RATCHET A$$ SOCIETY we live in in the funky-a$$ U.S. of A. is just killing off everything beautiful God created.

    All men don’t want no skinny a$$ woman, different strokes for different folks. Skinny women no disrespect, but we gotta be real about this BS the stupid white industry is throwing at us. There are many healthy women who eat healthy and workout but are just healthy built women period. That’s okay because somebody else will find a way to make the money. Everything don’t have to be MEDIA APPROVED!

  2. Iknew American women had lost their collective minds and had been brainwashed by the media when me, at 120 pounds, and an inch under 5 feet tall with “curves” was referred to as “slightly obese”, because I couldn’t wear a size 2.

    Sisters….don’t even worry about what the American white-women oriented media says about our too fat bodies…..we are BEAUTIFUL.

    And as for the men (mostly white) who want skinny women — well, let them have them!

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