How Proud Mom Latia Lost Weight and Dropped 6 Pant Sizes


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By: Krystle Crossman

24 year old LaTia knew that she needed to change something when she stepped on the scale and saw to her dismay that she was 221 pounds. She weighed less when she was pregnant! In April 2013 she decided to make that change and become healthier. Now at age 25, seven months later, she is down 36 pounds and six whole pants sizes. She is extremely proud of how well she has done and is sharing her story.

LaTia changed everything in her life. She began exercising and dieting and making sure that she stuck to it. Her exercise routine was five days a week of exercise, sometimes she even went twice per day. She would do one hour of cardio exercise and then she would do weight lifting for 45 minutes. She said that once she slowed down on cardio exercise and continued with the weights she noticed that her muscles were becoming more defined and her body was becoming more toned than it had been.

For her diet she made sure that she got a lot of protein. She would eat chicken, salmon, and fish. She made sure that she stayed away from pork and red meats. She would eat brown rice every now and then but would load up on veggies every day. She would also drink more water per day than she ever had before. She would chug down a gallon per day.

LaTia’s advice to those who are trying to diet is to stick with it and never give up. She says that no matter how many times you mess up you need to keep trying and stay on track and you will lose the weight too.



  1. Congratulation’s ! You look great. Some more of my sister’s need to follow her lead. You would feel better and live longer.

  2. I am 5’4 and weigh 176 pounds, I don’t eat fish or any seafood, I also don’t eat broccoli or eggs. I am trying to lose/trim my abdominals

    • hello, lamb is a red meat but its fewer calories then beef. thats a lean protein. turkey is a big help as well. i used these things and i went from 204-157 im still havent reached my goal im 5’0 so i still got some pounds to lose lol but i hope that helps you.

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