How Serena Williams Gets Bikini Ready & Manages a Unique Body Shape


serena-williams-bikiniBy Staff Blogger

Serena Williams is a tennis champion. She lives life to the fullest, works hard, and has achieved some incredible feats. In order to stay in shape  and maintian her amazing physique she needs to get a great workout in. One of her more moderate workout routines includes 15 push-ups, squats, burpees, and crunches without any break in between them.

She keeps herself in great shape, but she says that there are still some issues with her style of dress that don’t have anything to do with her muscles and athletic physique. She states that when she wears tops like blazers they fit her shoulders, but they will not fit her bust and she would have to have them tailored to fit the right way. If she can’t find something from the rack that will fit her, she just goes and designs something and takes it to the Home Shopping Network!

Serena tends to go for clothes with a high waist as she has a small waist and large upper body. She enjoys wearing tank tops because they are an easy fit. She also wears gel nails to dress up her fingers every now and then. When asked about her hair she simply states that she leaves it natural and curly, especially for when she is doing a workout.

So how does she get herself into a bikini-ready body while off the court? Her advice is to get in a really good thirty minute run or walk. She focuses on the core of her body as when she is playing tennis she needs to work the core out most in order to keep up. She also has been doing a little lifting as well. All of these tips seem to work for her as she is stylish and has a body that many women would kill for.



  1. This “article” was a waste of print space. It says nothing of value. Considering all of Serena’s accomplishments and obvious insights into physical fitness and conditioning, it takes some real effort to write an article of such little substance or value. Is there an editor in the house?

  2. Julia Stanley on

    what a BODY and strength she has wow YOU GO GIRL.. I would love to meet her and family….. boy if my body could look like that OH MY LORD HELP MY HUBBY….. HEHEHEHE sexy thougths…LOL love you hon.

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