How Sugar Sneaks Up On You


sugarBy Staff Blogger

Every day someone is coming out with new rules on eating food telling us not to eat this, avoid that and watch out for foods that are cooked a certain way. One of the biggest tips that people always seem to have is to stay away from sugar. It is a daunting task and can seem almost impossible to cut sugar out of your diet. If you are watching your sugar intake, watch out for these foods which have high sugar levels that you may not know about.

1. Tomato sauce – Tomatoes are extremely acidic and when tomatoes are packed into a can of tomato sauce, they are usually young and bitter. Sugar is added to your tomato sauce to make for a better taste.

2. White wine – Red wines are a better choice if you are going to have a glass. The grapes used in red wine are often grown in the South with plenty of light, so they aren’t as acidic. White wines however use grapes that are highly acidic and so sugar is added.

3. Salad dressing – Sugar is added to salad dressings all the time, especially those non-fat ones. Request olive oil instead, or vinegar, or mix your own dressing at home using olive oil, vinegar and spices of your choice.

4. Yogurt – Yogurt is all the rage right now, but have you ever picked up one of those tiny containers and read the sugar content? Fruit flavored and fruit mix-in yogurts have high added sugar. Stick with pro-biotic and calcium rich yogurts.

5. Bread – Buy bread at your supermarket bakery or make it yourself. Sugar is added to packaged bread to make it look better.

6. Ketchup – This is the same idea as the tomato sauce in that sugar is added to cut down the acidity.

7. Granola – Try muesli instead. It has all the goodness of granola without all of the added sugars.

8. Frozen fruits – Most of the frozen fruits you buy have not fully matured, so they add sugar to make sure that they still taste good.

9. Peanut butter – Make sure that you are buying a jar that says no sugar added. Peanut butter is a great food to eat as it is high in protein and healthy fats, just look out for the sugar content before you buy.


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