How Technology is Changing the Way You Interact With Men


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Men and woman are biologically programmed to get along most of the time for the sake of procreation. There are technological advances that we have seen in recent years however that are making our interactions with each other different. We are evolving over time and adapting to these new technologies. Here are five different technologies that are making men and women look at each other differently.

1. Coming soon to a doctor near you in 2015…birth control shots for men. Soon women will not have to go through the pain of getting the Depo shot every few months. They can make their man do it instead. The shot is injected twice into a man’s scr0tum. It is called a Reversible Inhibition of Sp*rm Under Guidance. It is completely reversible as the name suggests. This form of birth control has been in use in other countries such as India for a while now and it seems to be as effective if not more effective than women’s contraceptives.

2. Eggs that never go bad? That’s right ladies, no more worrying about your biological clock ticking away. You can now freeze your eggs cryogenically so that you can use them when you are ready to. The unfreezing process is simple and then the eggs are implanted. The problem is that it is very expensive and there is no guarantee that the egg will be fertilized once it is unfrozen (the eggs are viable but it all depends on the sp*rm).

3. What kind of baby do you want? In the future you may be able to choose. Human genome projects and genetic mapping are paving the way to being able to “create” a baby. The mapping can tell where the most attractive qualities lie within the DNA and the genome projects are helping to spot trouble areas that could lead to birth defects, physical hereditary illnesses and mental illnesses.

4. Men may not need a woman to have a baby. A scientist in Japan named Mitinori Saitou has developed a process where he can create a viable egg by using skin stem cells. This could lead to people of any gender being able to get a viable egg from their own skin cells.

5. Women may no longer need men to have a baby either. British scientists have discovered that they can take bone marrow stem cells and turn them into “mature sp*rm” which can then go on to fertilize an egg.



  1. Hmmm… Other than the male injection these new advances may be good for some people. However these scientist do not know, now, what the side effects will be. Back in 1957 there was a new drug that was supposed to do wonderful things for people with anxiety, insomnia, gastritis, tension and alleviate morning sickness in pregnant women. That drug was known as Thalidomide.

    Thalidomide may have helped some people with their problems but the scientists did NOT anticipate the babies that were born with quite visible deformaties.

    I may not be here when some of these new technologies reach the market but if conditions at that time made me eligible I would be waiting for a very long and succesful trial before I would gamble with my life and that of my off spring. Brrr…

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