How The Modern Woman Is Changing The Face Of Corporate America


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Generation Y (people in their 20s and 30s currently) is certainly different from previous generations. They want the balance between work and life to work. They want their workplace to be fun, make their own hours, and they want to be their own boss. They also would rather be unemployed than at a job they don’t like doing.

Currently there are an estimated 40 million Generation Y workers in the workforce right now. How soon will it be before workplaces change to accommodate them and make work a fun place to be? Generation Y workers are misunderstood and a part of this is because of their confidence level. 92% of the Generation Y workers feel that their company is lucky to have them because of their skills and knowledge, and 76% think that their bosses can learn from them.

This confidence in their abilities is somtimes mistaken as arrogance or self-indulgence but it is really because they have so many great ideas and wanting to contribute them as opposed to being a minion in the background. They also want their technical skills and fresh-faced work savvy to rub off on their older bosses. 80% of the Generation Y workers want recognition and feedback from their bosses. 50% want feedback at least once a week from the higher-ups.

Generation Y seems to be finicky about jobs, however what they are really doing is trying to find their place in the workforce. They feel that they deserve to have their dream job and will often change jobs many times in order to find that dream job. All of these different characteristics of Generation Y workers could lead to a major transformation in the workplace and perhaps may even make working fun as the years go on!


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  1. Yes that’s the all familiar description of Gen Y but what does it mean for someone leading Gen Yers or for Gen Y’s managing their own careers in turbulent times where switching jobs is something few can afford…Gen Z’s are barrelling down the field with expectations too:)

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