How The “adult” Industry is Avoiding Using “rubbers”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

If you live in Las Vegas you may notice a lot more adult film stars showing up in your neighborhood. Los Angeles used to be one of the biggest hot spots for the adult film industry, but now they are moving on due to a new law that was passed. The law was made by the health department and says that every male must wear a “rubber” while filming a movie.

In 2004 the”adult” industry tried to go all-“rubber” all the time but they found that their sales dropped by a staggering 30%. That trend quickly went out the door for better profits. Since the introduction of this new law the request for permits that are required in order to shoot an adult film in Los Angeles have dropped by 95%. You would think that the actors and actresses would be happy that the companies want to promote safer s*x and that the audience would applaud that too but by the numbers it shows that the audience is not having it.

An argument over the law stated that adult film stars are tested every 14 days for STDs and the “rubber”use can lead to injury and abrasions on the skin from prolonged use. They can affect a man’s performance as well which in the adult film industry is not something they want to have happen.

Even if the actors are screened every 14 days they are still at risk for contracting a disease. They are just able to knock the STD out and get treatment for it faster than others that are not screened would and they can reduce the risk of spreading it to other partners.



  1. Animals are treated better than porn actors/actresses. You could not use animals in film productions where they are injured and exposed to potentially deadly diseases. This happens every day in the making of porn. Countless individuals are hurt by porn yet we continue to consume it in record numbers. The objectification of women that is promoted by porn use has ruined countless relationships and families.

  2. The bottom line is:
    Sex outside of marriage is a “SIN” no matter how you chalk it up, rather its in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York or in any city accross the country in any bedroom. The USA is just as “Demonically LUSTFUL” as it is full of the demonic spirits of (Religion, Adultery, Fornication, Idolatry), God has no gauge on sin, and it is the little foxes that eat up the vines, a little bit of s*x here, a little bit of s*x there, so everybody sneaking and tipping just keep on gettin busy it will catch up with you: FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH

    PLEASE NOTE: PESTILENCE & DISEASE is not spreading through-out the earth for no reason… “SIN”

  3. I just don’t care, I would rather read an article on how “feral cats” are handling this “polar vortex” here in the Midwest. Read an article many years ago that stated that 1/3 of stray cats & squirrels perish during prolonged cold spells & excessive snow storms “wow”

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