How The Poster Boy For Healthy Weight Loss Gained Back 200 Pounds


By: Krystle Crossman

Phil Staples was a trucker who tipped the scales at 400 pounds. His unhealthy life on the road caused him to gain quite a bit of weight. Then one day he met a man named Joe Cross at a truck stop. Cross told him that he had been on a juicing Reboot and showed Staples how he used to look before turning to a life of juicing. Staples couldn’t believe that it used to be the same person. Cross took him over to his car where he had bags of fresh produce and a juicer in the back. He made a Mean Green drink which was mostly vegetables juiced. Staples said that it looked like liquid grass but he was curious as he had seen the transformation Cross had gone through. He asked to try some and was shocked that it tasted good. Cross gave Staples his business card and said that he could call day or night if he needed anything.

Some time later, Staples was so unhappy with his weight and lifestyle that he gave Cross a call. Cross flew back to the US from Australia, set up a team, and together helped Staples lose an incredible 200 pounds. Staples took up swimming, running, and any other exercise that he could get into. He had a juicer and fresh produce and was determined to continue this healthy lifestyle that he was leading. He was even featured in Joe Cross’s movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which has been seen by over 20 million people. He felt great and was extremely happy with life for once.

Staples found a better job that he loved and even got married after the movie was made. Unfortunately his marriage ended in a horrendous divorce. After realizing that he was again alone in life he locked himself away. His juicer collected dust and his stomach was filled with as much processed food as he could get his hands on. He prayed that no one recognized him from the movie and saw him this way. He was ashamed. Ignoring multiple calls from Cross and his team, his weight crept right back up to 400 pounds.

Finally when he knew he couldn’t hide from it anymore he called Cross back. He said that he had failed Cross, the team, everyone doing Reboot along with him, and everyone that was so inspired by his story. Cross simply stated that it was time to help him again. His new story is featured in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead 2. He was embarrassed and ashamed that he had to live his failure in front of the entire world but now feels free and hopes that others like him will see that it is okay if you fail but you need to pick yourself back up and start over again.


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