How These Common Mistakes are Slowly Killing Your Relationship


By: Krystle Crossman

While you are in a relationship you may be doing little things that are slowly killing your relationship even if you don’t realize it. Here are six of the biggest mistakes that women make in relationships:

1. Nag, nag, nag: Instead of nagging him to get something done or asking why he hasn’t done it yet, make him feel needed. Instead of telling him that he needs to do something, find a roundabout way to have him feel like you need the help. If you have a plumbing problem, instead of bugging him tirelessly to call a plumber get a phone book out and look at the plumbing section and ask his opinion on who you should call since he knows more about the problem than you do. Tell him you will call but need help picking out a plumber.

2. Details: Don’t keep looking over every little detail of your relationship. If all you ever do is hash out every decision through the day you don’t have any time to have a real conversation with each other.

3. Two little words: There are two words that are relationship killers whether you realize it or not. Those two words are always and never. Don’t use these if you can avoid it. They are very solid words and when you use them during an argument (for example: “You never do the dishes”) you are inviting and even bigger fight in.

4. Kids and your relationship: Children are different from your spouse. You love them in different ways and have different bonds. When you continuously put your children ahead of your spouse they will begin to feel left out and like they are not a valued member of the family.

5. Rough times ahead: Every couple goes through a rough spot. It is a fact of life. How you deal with those rough spots can make or break you. If you work through them together and acknowledge them you are in a good spot with your relationship. If you ignore them every time they pop up things will continue to get even rougher until you are finally past the breaking point.

6. Dreams: You used to dream about doing all kinds of different things before you were married and had kids. Now there isn’t as much time to follow those dreams. Do little things here and there that remind you of them and that can make you feel like you are close to them still such as buying your hubby a guitar and setting aside rehearsal time for him so he can be the rockstar he always wanted to be.


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