How This Woman Lost 170lbs


By Victor Trammell

Weight loss is a commendable personal goal that many people seek to achieve in order to get healthier and change their lives for the better.

Obesity is a physical condition, which sets the stage for a wide variety of healthy problems. Some of these health problems are fatal. Blacks people in America disproportionately suffer from a lot of the health problems that are brought on by being overweight. This is especially the case for black women.

However, an obesity-driven disorder such as diabetes is not a death sentence. It is possible to reverse this condition instead of just managing it. There are many black women who have some awesome success stories when it comes to improving their well-being through endorsing a more healthy lifestyle. recently published an inspirational story about an extraordinary black woman named Erika Nicole Kendall (pictured). Kendall told that her path toward losing weight started after her mother addressed some serious concerns about her health.

Kendall was severely obese when her mother expressed her feelings about her health condition. Kendall then took the first step toward improving her health by joining a fitness center. To document her up and down experience, she started a blog called

“I wanted a space to hold myself accountable for everything I’ve learned,” Kendall told Urban Intellectuals in an interview. “I could never tell myself, ‘Oh, I didn’t know that!’ Not only did I ‘know’ it, I wrote 1600 words about it,” she continued.

Losing a substantial amount of weight and maintaining a lifestyle to keep the weight off is not easy. However, Kendall achieved this goal and passed her test of time with flying colors. She lost 170 pounds by disciplining herself to stick to a healthy diet and doing a ton of strength training.

Kendall is also helping others as she continues her path toward keeping the weight off. Even after having a baby, she still got back down to her ideal weight after the 170-pound weight loss. Kendall’s blog contains videos where she shares her recipes for success. Her blog has a good-sized following and has plenty of great articles to read.

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  1. Congratulations. I have kept off 100 lbs since 1993. I attend Overeaters Anonymous and it has saved my life. There are meetings all over the world and it is free.

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