How Tiarra Monet Became a Six Figure YouTube Sensation


By: Krystle Crossman

Tiarra Monet is only 24 years old but she already makes six figures and owns her own business. She is a Youtube sensation thanks to her beauty advice. Recently she did an interview with Essence and told all about how she became so successful and what started it all.

When Monet was young her mother was a hairstylist. She loved all things beauty and hair because she grew up with it. She loved fashion as well and so she interned at different places that dealt with all three of her passions such as Seventeen Magazine. She said that when work was hard to find she ended up going into a 9-5 accounting job but it was not what she loved to do. She brought her hairstyling and beauty tools to work with her and then after work would run all over New York City styling clients so that she wouldn’t have to go back home where she shared a room with her younger brother. She had learned about some marketing and decided to put that knowledge to use and created her Youtube channel.

The Youtube channel was slow to start off but once word spread it took off like wildfire. Monet would put up videos about beauty tutorials for black women and showed them how to style themselves like celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. These types of videos were the ones that generated the most views and helped spread the word. Once she started getting more views she started generating income. She partnered with different companies and advertisers which brought in even more. Money eventually ventured from NYC to Maryland where she studied cosmetology more and learned about new and different hairstyles which she incorporated into her videos.

The moment that she realized that she could actually turn this into a full-time career was when she responded to an ad about working with Michelle Phan, and extremely successful beauty consultant who is also a Youtube sensation. Money made sure that she did everything in her power to get her information to Phan and it paid off. Phan chose her just as she was launching a new campaign with L’Oreal make-up. Monet got to meet different people in the industry and learned about ways that she could kick her business up a notch.

Monet now owns her own wig company called Crowned by Monet which has been very successful. She has also recently partnered with Maybelline for a campaign they have been running.



  1. Shirley Sellers on

    I am so proud of you Tiarra Monet. You pursued your dream and it became a reality. Continue to be the best that you can be.

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  3. I Know What You are Thinking on

    Go head Tiarra! I have watched you on You Tube and you are very talented. You deserve the best!

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