How to Avoid Being a Victim of “Revenge P*orn”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are women out there who have been betrayed by their exes in one of the worst ways possible. It is called revenge p*orn. This is when someone releases a private home movie of the couple without the other’s consent after a break up, as a sick way to get back at that person for dumping them. There is a group of women who are now trying to make this an illegal and punishable act.

Unfortunately at this moment this is not considered a crime because the photos and videos that they have in their possession are technically their property which means they can do with them what they wish. This is why the women are trying to get a national ban on it.

Here are five ways to stop revenge p*0rn if your or someone you know is a victim:

1. Copyright your photos: If you have nude or racy photos taken of yourself, make sure that you put a copyright watermark on them somewhere that cannot be removed easily. This will ensure that if they are posting copyrighted material without your consent, action can be taken.

2. Take your concern to the web host of the site that they have been posted on. Even if you don’t have a copyright on the photos, most companies are not willing to be sued just to keep a couple of photos up. They will take them down should they be threatened with legal action.

3. If you have an urge to shut down all of your accounts, don’t. Do the opposite. Make more content on the site that the photos are posted to. The more stuff you post, such as on Facebook, the farther down the photos go, and people are less likely to be able to see them.

4. Stay alert. Google has an alert system that will send you notifications if your name comes up on the internet anywhere. This may be hard if you have a common name, but if you don’t, it will make you aware of content online.

5. Payback: There are attorneys and advocates out there who are willing to help. Visit to view them.



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