How to Avoid Being Called a B! tch When You’re The Boss


omarosa bossBy Staff Blogger

Having to get up and go to work every day can be a chore for some. Some workplaces are dull or intimidating. Some people feel like their bosses have too much power and use that power to crush the workers, making the workplace a hostile environment. Not all bosses are like this, fortunately. Google and some other progressive companies have created an environment at their headquarters where minds can be creative and open so that the workers are happy but productive.

At the Wisdom 2.0 conference, executives and managers from all over came together to put forth ideas of how to manage people effectively so that they are happy but the work is still getting done. The majority of bosses care about their employees. Mindfulness is a practice that was talked about and is something that more managers should use. It brings the employees together and creates a sense of integration and camaraderie. This can bring about new and creative ideas.

As humans, we are programmed to connect with other people. If you are feeling isolated in the workplace, you are less likely to be productive than if you have an interactive workplace. Creating a team environment as a manager is one of the most important things that you can do for your employees. Bring them together with team activities and discussions and let the ideas flow. When someone belongs to a team they feel that they are more invested as opposed to being alone. A little healthy competition doesn’t hurt either as it drives people to think outside the box.

As a manager, be mindful of those around you and realize that everyone is there to do a job, but they need to feel like they are included as well. Create social team situations to provoke creativity.

Over $44 billion a year in productive time is lost from people who suffer from depression at work. Live the values that you preach and encourage all of your employees to do the same. They will respect you, respect each other, and be able to come up with great ideas for the company.


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