How to Be a Really Good Girlfriend


gabby and friendsBy Staff Blogger

When we think of the word girlfriend, we often think that the girlfriend is one half of “girlfriend-and-boyfriend”. A girlfriend, however, can mean one of your friends who is near and dear to your heart. Many women juggle so mane tasks, roles and responsibilities and sometimes they need a girlfriend who can help them through.

The following are the things that you can do to help your friends and that will make you a good girlfriend:

1. Listen – Sometimes all we need is a shoulder to cry on and someone who will just listen. It can be easy to get so used to launching into what has been happening in your own life and talk about all your own problems and challenges in life and miss the signs that your friend is going through something challenging in her own life. Take time to be a friend and just offer an ear; no advice or comments and opinions; just listen.

2. Keep a secret – One of the worst things that you can do to someone who has trusted you enough to confide in you is to tell their secret(s) to other people. Be a good friend; listen and then keep your mouth shut, even after you have left your friend’s presence.

3. Tell the truth – Everyone needs at least one person who tells them the truth even when it is hard to hear. When you care about someone, it can be hard to tell them the truth if you think it is going to hurt their feelings, but that is part of being a good friend.

4. Be encouraging and comforting – Just as a good friend tells their friend the hard truth, which may be hard to hear, they should also be their friend’s soft place when life gets tough. Being a good friend means saying words of comfort and encouragement when they need to hear them.

5. Laugh and have fun together – Laughter has often been called medicine for the soul. A good friend will make you laugh and laugh with you. Sometimes it’s a good idea to forget about everything and just watch a funny movie together or share funny stories and memories. Maybe you can go out dancing or bike riding with your friend; anything is fine as long as it makes your friend smile.


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