How To Be a Woman That People Take Seriously


powerful oprahBy Staff Blogger

If you think that being the loudest one during an argument is the way to win, you are right. Out-shouting your opponent has proven to be the trick to winning, not necessarily being right about the subject. Out-shouting doesn’t mean raising your volume either; it means the strength of your words. The stronger your words are, the harder your point will hit home. The more confident that others think you are, the more that you appear to have the right information even if you don’t.

A pair of students at the Washington State University conducted an experiment where they went through more than 1 billion tweets about who the winners and losers of the 2012 baseball playoff, 2012 World Series, and the winner of the 2013 Superbowl were. They were looking for a connection between accuracy and the confidence of their words. They checked tweets from normal people, celebrities, and professional sports experts. In all of these cases the ones with the most followers were the ones who looked more confident about their picks than those who seemed unsure.

Even though most of those who tweeted were as accurate as the rest, the ones who had more followers were the ones that used words such as “destroy” and “vanquish”. The students conducting the study, Jadrian Wooten and Ben Smith, theorized that people are more likely to follow those who are excited and passionate about what they are arguing for. They don’t want someone who has a dull and lackluster argument. People don’t like more uncertainty in their lives than there already is, so they are going to go with someone who seems certain of their predictions and beliefs.


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