How to Be an Optimist Through Any Situation


By: Isabella Carson

You know how there are people that you meet who seem like they are always positive no matter what comes their way? These are the people that enjoy rush hour traffic because it gives them more alone time or more music time. They are the people that stain their tie and see it as a reason to buy a brand new one. How do they remain so positive? There is no magic potion or pill that these people take. They just have ways of remaining positive that anyone can learn:

1. Toxic relationships – People who are always positive surround themselves with positive people only. They get rid of the negative relationships in their lives so that they don’t have to deal with any negativity from outside sources.

2. Planning – Optimists always have a plan in place in case something does not go the way they thought it would. They don’t get into a negative mindset because something isn’t happening the way it should. They have an alternate plan and make the best of the situation.

3. Embrace the negative – Negative things do happen in life. However when they do an optimist will look at the silver lining and find a positive spin on the event.

4. Goals – Sometimes being too optimistic can get in the way of your goals. If you think about dreams that are more fairytales than reality you may find that you are not able to achieve your goals. However an optimist will not let this get in the way. They know how to harness the optimism to make sure that they meet their goals in a realistic way.

5. Self-bullying – Everyone is a harsh critic when it comes to looking at themselves in a mirror. Optimists love themselves for who they are and don’t talk down to themselves.

6. Positivity – When times get tough an optimist will use their positivity to get through it. If they are sick they will look at the positive things that they have going on in their lives to outweigh the negative things. They know how they can get through any situation and use their positivity to inspire others as well.