How To Be Assertive and Feel Good About It


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Being assertive and speaking up for yourself can be tough, but here are some tricks and tips that may help you to speak your mind without coming off like a rude person:

1. Making a complaint: Use the “complaint sandwich”. Tell the person that you are complaining to that you really liked the product however it was defective and you hope that the issue can be resolved. This takes the negative and sandwiches it between the positives which will make people more responsive to you.

2. Getting a raise or promotion: You know that you deserve to make more money but you are afraid to say it. That isn’t going to get you far is it? Talk to your manager about some of the great things you have done in the past but also a few things that you are setting to accomplish in the future. This will make you more valuable to the company. If they still say no, request another review in six months.

3. Getting someone to stop that annoying habit: We all know someone with a habit that really makes us grind our teeth. Usually you will give a quick stare or heave a loud sigh to get your displeasure across however this is not going to get you what you want. You need to tell them flat out that what they are doing is annoying but say it in a flat, almost teleprompter type way.

4. Stop being the “yes” person: Sometimes you really do want to say no, but something in you just makes you say yes to whatever the question is. When someone asks you if you will do something for them that you really aren’t into, just say “no, I’m sorry, I can’t do that”. They may ask a few times and each time make your response shorter and shorter. You will get your point across without being angry.

5. Be your own advocate: Only you know what you truly want or need, so speak up and get what you want. This is especially true at the doctor’s office. If you truly think there is something going on don’t rest until it is tested for.



  1. Great! Article However, “STILL” it is very hard to just tell a person how your Really feeling. My Colleague is in his LATE seventies so he naps a lot and humms all day Long O.M.G.!! what i truly wanna do is stand behind him real close when he’s sleeping and BAM! whack the back of that Ball Head!!! & then, just start yelling when he humms (((will you Pa-leeeezze shut the H*%$ up sirr))) But, my Mother has taught me to Respect my Elders at all times. so some Annoying things we must Unfortunately Endure. 🙁

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