How To Be In a Healthy Relationship Without Losing Your Independence


friendsBy Krystle Crossman

When you enter into a serious relationship, you may feel that you are losing a little bit of your identity as you transition into becoming one with another person. There are ways to be in a healthy relationship with a partner without losing your individuality or identity.

1. Take a time out – You may feel sometimes that you are a little overwhelmed by the relationship because you spend so much of your time focused on another person or  that you care for. Step back and take a little time to yourself. Read a book, take a nice long walk, go for a relaxing drive. You need time for you to get out and do something for yourself once in a while, especially when you spend most of your time caring for others.

2. Don’t forget about your friends – People sometimes forget that they have other people in their lives when they enter into a relationship. They focus so much attention on their significant other and spend so much time with them that they neglect their friends.  Friends will be there forever  but you still have to make the investment and treat them right.

3. Have your own little hobbies – You don’t always have to do everything that your partner likes. Do something for yourself that you enjoy. If you like photography, go out once a week or so and grab a friend to model for you. This helps you to maintain your individuality by doing something that is just yours.

4. You need some alone time – Take an extended getaway every now and then. You need to get out and do things for yourself, so take a weekend off and travel to your favorite spot, or go on a mini vacation with your girlfriends.

5. Communicate openly with your partner – Communication is one of the keys to any lasting relationship, so make sure that you do it. You may not always agree with what your partner says, but at least you are being open and honest with each other.



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