How To Be “Instantly” More Beautiful From The Inside Out

alec wek

Model and philanthropist Alec Wek

By: Krystle Crossman

There are many things that make up the definition of beauty. There is outer beauty of course, but what about inner beauty? When you have a positive outlook on life and have confidence, you can be beautiful to so many. Appearance is obviously the first thing that people see when they meet you. According to Jennifer S. White, writing for, there are five ways that you can feel and look more beautiful to those around you almost instantly.

1. Work it out. Exercising helps your skin glow, helps you tone muscles, and burn fat. That is just the physical benefits. Exercise also elevates the chemicals that put you in a good mood.

2. Smile. This instantly makes people more attracted to you. It shows that you are a happy person, and a good mood can make anyone beautiful from the inside.

3. Cleanse your soul from the inside. We are so obsessed with outer beauty that we forget that we need to clean the inside as well. You need to focus on what you eat, what you drink, who you listen to, and what you say back to them. You want to project an air of confidence and positivity, not negativity. You will feel great about life when you learn to live it peacefully.

4. As shallow as it may seem, you need to think about your appearance as well. Think about the clothes that you are wearing. Are you dressed to impress or are you leaving your house in sweats? When you are feeling down put on your best dress. You will get compliments that will help to boost your spirit!

5. The most important part to feeling beautiful and appearing beautiful to other people is being confident. Feeling confident is not just about how you look on the outside. When you complete something amazing, or when you get a promotion, you will feel more confident. That will show with everything that you do and will show when you speak to others.


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