How To Be More Attractive and Open To Love


black-couple-kissing“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return”

This quote from the movie Moulin Rouge rings true. Love is a natural and fulfilling part of life. We all love someone in one way or another. Without love, we would be empty. Love means many different things. You can love your spouse, love your child, love your friends, and even love your cat. Love has excellent health benefits and can keep you happy.

Brené Brown, PhD, LMSW, has been studying people and how they love for years. She stated that she sees only about 15-20% of people that actually love whole-heartedly. When studying the reason for these people being able to open themselves up completely and give all of their heart to another person, one of the biggest things she found was that they felt worthy and felt that they deserved love.

In order to love fully, you need to be able to step back and look at your life. Let go of exhaustion, it only causes stress and makes you feel more depressed about life.  Find joy in the little things in life. Some think a walk in the park or a nice long drive with the windows down is a simple pleasure and it relaxes them. Others do not make time for these small joys and wind up exhausted. People who want to love with all of their hearts need to be able to step back and calm down. They need to make more time to relax.

Finding a hobby is a great way to calm yourself down, and also to find a simple joy in life. When you have that joy, it gives you a place to go when you are feeling sad or frustrated, and your cares will melt away as you delve into your new hobby. Make time to play. Get silly. Have a light saber fight in the middle of a toy store. When you can experience these things, you are ready for love.



  1. I’m giving up on Love, tired of being treated like I’m not good enough for anything. Everytime I trust a man and be true to them, they wind up being cheaters and liers! I’m tired of being hurt!

    • Sandra,
      Don’t give up. There is a the right man for you out there, somewhere. You’ll not find him if you give up; that is, unless divine intervention intervenes. True love starts with true friendship.


    • Wow, I read your comment and tears came to my eyes. All men certainly are not liars nor cheaters. It may have been that for but that can definitely change but you’re thinking must change first. My website which will launch on March 22 we can assist you if you give us this challenge. Think about and be honest with yourself about who you are and what you need in a mate. Until then keep hope in your heart and god bless.

    • Don’t give up on love, just make sure you make a man be deserving of you. Make his actions speak louder then words. Treat him like a new job with a 90 day probationary period and let him romance, wine, and dine you the old fashion way. If he pressures you to do something you don’t wwnt or ready to do, let him go. Most of all, don’t chase him, you can do better.

  2. I am also giving up on romantic love. I’m 45 and if I have not been lucky in love by now, it will never happen and I can’t spend the rest of my life looking for it to happen. Next life. I have the love of my children and will live the rest of my life nurturing that love.

    • Never give up on love, just stop looking and let it find you. Give yourself 90 days to evaluate your new situation before fully committing into a serious relationship with any benefits.

    • I’m not surprised so many feel left out of the love game. Its all about the right connection. Love to me is the one thing I wouldn’t want to continue this journey without. Yes, things has changed who can you trust and believe in? There’s still plenty of decent men and women that’s looking to connect with people just like you. Come check us out *** We will make you get what you need to start over. So don’t feel disappoint any longer. Check out on Facebook *** you’ll be glad you did. Much love.

  3. Truth is the adversary of our soul has calculatingly crippled singles from ever finding their “rib” “soul bone”. To give an understanding it is as serious as abortion in the land.

    I remember so many prophetic words spoken over my daughter as a child concerning her soul mate. I kept the word of the Lord alive for her as she grew up and kept herself pure and set apart. (NOT in a religious way, a fun and Kingdom of God way)

    The day came when she said, “Mother seems all my friends are finding their “rib” soul bone” (in the Hebrew it literally means the exact opposite). I asked my daughter if she was ready for her soul mate, to which she replied yes.

    The following 30-days my daughter prayed and fasted many meals calling out to Almighty God to clear the way for her soul mate to come. She said, “he who finds a wife finds a good thing and has the favor of the Lord.” Within 30 days her now husband walked into her life. Hope this helps. Don’t get ahead of God. This day we are living in, you MUST have God’s perfect will. Marriage is NOT for the fainthearted it is for the strong. Marriage is not a “contract” it IS a Covenant. If your mate is not a believer of Jesus Christ, don’t even consider a relationship. Times are going to SHAKE as we have never seen before (Matthew 24) You want to be sure you are properly joined to your mate! God bless you!

  4. “it is better to have loved & lost than not to have loved at all”. Loving and losing keeps ur heart open to more possibilities of meeting d right person than staying out of d scene by building walls around ur heart. I’ve seen women hurt & I swore never to hurt any,but did. I’ve been hurt too,these things happen. Just open ur heart and mind and pray God to send u a right partner. There’s no perfect mate,it’s all FAITH.

  5. What I have found at 50…that’s right 50, you have to love yourself and remove everything toxic from you. It leaves a lot of space and gives you the ability to see who you really are, what you really like and how you operate in a positive way. Once you start loving yourself, you can see who it is that you want to be loved by. I made an “A” list of characteristics that did not include a income number. My list consisted of height, build, education, off spring, living situation, hygiene habits, overall demeanor. Then I waited…waited…waited. 4 years alone and celibate. I have “meet and greet”ed some of the worst and not so bad but no connection. I never allowed myself to get anxious and settle. Last night…last night I meet HIM. Height, weight, complexion, education, finances, demeanor…everything! I don’t know how it’s gonna go but I am preparing myself foe a hell of a ride! Keep up, be blessed and stay positive ladies.. Most importantly, DON’T SETTLE.

  6. Don’t give up on love. Right before my 45th birthday I went on a pamper me cruise. On the last day of our island visits before setting sail for home a gentleman walked up to me out of nowhere. He was on the cruise with classmates to relax after going through a divorce. We live in TN and OH but he has flown or driven to see me every month. Valentine’s Day I am flying in to see him. I never thought that I would meet my soulmate but I did. We got engaged on Christmas.

  7. Author Leo Garrett on

    Not to beat a dead horse but Ladies you can’t give up on Love or Yourself. Love 1st starts with yourself & self reflection. The older you get the more you realize or should realize “what” your searching for in a mate. Believe it or not, its just as difficult finding a Good Woman out here also. Be specific in What what you want but be willing to compromise on some issues b/c no one will have everything your seeking.

  8. Your better off finding love in other areas of life, friends (if you have) family, etc. Finding love with a man nowadays with the increasing influence of technology, Facebook, dating websites, etc has created a smorgasbord of options for men. Why love one when a men can have many. I m going to love having good health, a job family and money. A man please I will probably win lotto first

  9. Never ever give up. It’s never too late to find or be found and be happy in a good relationship. You just have to have a little more patience.

  10. I’ve given up also. You can have love from friends and family. All you need a man for is the d. Safe, disease-free d. Seriously. Religious hang-ups are the only thing that keep women from recognizing this.

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