How To Beat Depression With Herbs


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With depression becoming more and more common, it is no wonder that antidepressants are so widely prescribed. With this in mind, many people with depression don’t give a second thought to herbal antidepressants which can actually be just as good as a prescription, if not better.

When used correctly and under the guidance of a medical professional, herbal remedies can help you reduce or elimination the symptoms of depression and make you feel a lot better.

Saint John’s Wort is a favorite with herbalists and depression patients. There have been many in-depth clinical studies that have shown that it is an effective treatment for low to moderate depression and may have fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Unfortunately St. John’s Wort interacts dangerously with many prescription drugs such as Coumadin, birth control pills, HIV treatments, Xanax, and Prilosec, to name a few. Always consult with a doctor before taking St. John’s Wort.

Kanna is another herb that has been shown to help with the effects of depression. It has been used for hundreds of years in Africa by a tribe called the Khoisans. It has not yet been well researched. Traditionally the tribes have used it to enlighten and raise the spiritual mood. Many different cultures use it to treat depression and anxiety which often go hand in hand.

We have only begun to study the effects of Kanna and do not know its full potential at the moment. The current evidence shows that it may be a great PDE-4 inhibitor and an SSRI which means that it does the same things as pharmaceutical drugs. However, since it has not been thoroughly researched yet, the side effects and efficiency are still unknown.



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    Licensed naturopathic doctors (N.D.’s) are medically trained experts in botanical medicines.
    Consult the N.D. for advice on herbs

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