How To Bless Your Home and Invite In Positive Energy


By Krystle Crossman

Home is where the heart is. It is also where your soul is. If it is truly a place for your heart and soul, wouldn’t you want the energy of the atmosphere to be one of peace and serenity? Blessing a home has been a tradition for centuries. It is very easy to do and brings a lot of positive energy that will flow through the house and into anyone who steps inside. Your home is a reflection of you, of your spirit, and of how you live your life. When you go through your home and bless it, make sure that you give out the energy of love, prosperity, heath, harmony, and happiness.

Before you go through and bless your house, you need to clean up the physical space first. This is important as you need a clean and uncluttered space to work with. Once you take away the clutter and organize the rooms, you can bless the house and invite new and positive energy in, that can fill all areas of the rooms.

Performing a blessing is easy and can be done alone or with family and friends there as well. The more positivity and love that you can bring into the blessing, the better, so try and get a group together to come over and help you to bless the space. Once you are all together, use these five steps to bless the home and send the positive energy throughout:

1. Play sacred music. This will set the tone and keep things moving at a slow and steady pace. Ask those whom you have invited to stand in a circle.

2. Thank everyone for being there with you and welcome them with open arms.

3. Get a pink candle, light it, and then pass it around to each person as they say a blessing for the house. A pink candle can bring the energy of kindness and love.

4. Walk to different areas of the room and state why you are blessing that particular space.

5. When you are finished with the blessing, set the candle in the center of your home to burn for at least an hour. Open all of the windows that face the East to let the energy of the rising sun into your home.



  1. “Positive energy” is the key. If you think positive thoughts, say and do positive things, positivity (positive energy) naturally gravitates to you. Negativity vanishes, and good things (good health, good people, good ideas, good outcomes) become second nature and self-reinforcing.

    Excellent piece.


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