How To Burn 200 Calories in Less Than 3 Minutes


200215082-001By: Krystle Crossman
We all have so much going on in our lives that we often make excuses so that we don’t have to try and fit an exercise routine in there as well. It is hard to make that extra hour appear between work, school, children, and housework. Exercise is a necessity though and should be done often. There are some exercises that burn more calories per hour than others and can be done in a shorter amount of time. There is one exercise that will burn 200 calories in just under three minutes. Can you take just three minutes out of your day to burn that much?

Colorado State University conducted a study that involved five participants. The study was to show the effectiveness of sprint interval training exercises as opposed to regular cardio exercise. The participants went on a diet where they weren’t over-eating and they weren’t eating two little. They did this for a total of three days. This was to ensure that the results weren’t skewed by their food intake. After they were done with their three day diet they were put into a research facility at the school for two days. They were put into a room where their air intake and exhaust was monitored and regulated carefully. Their calories burned throughout the day were monitored by the researchers as well as statistics such as their water content, oxygen intake, and carbon dioxide output.

They remained on their monitored diets for the two days and did not exercise other than the sprint intervals that they were told to do. The researchers put the participants on stationary bicycles and had them pedal as fast as they could on the high resistance setting for 30 seconds. They would then have a cool down period of four minutes where they would pedal lightly on a low resistance. They would repeat this pattern five times.

What the researchers found through this study was that these sprint intervals burned 200 calories during the day even though they only spent 2.5 minutes actually doing an intense workout. They feel that if people were to do these types of exercises even just once a week it could help reduce the amount of weight gain they could potentially have. The average person gains 1-2 pounds per year.


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