How to Calm Incessant Heartburn Naturally


By: Serena Crawford

Heartburn is never fun for anyone. Some people only get it after eating certain foods that are spicy or highly acidic. Then there are those who get heartburn at the drop of the hat no matter what they are eating. The good news is that there are ways to diminish or even stop heartburn without having to rely on medications.

1. Spicy foods – If you find that you are getting severe heartburn when you eat spicy foods such as jalapenos you may want to cut back. The more heartburn that you get the more damage you are doing to your esophagus so if you only have it when eating something spicy make that a rare occasion.

2. Medication – Stop taking your medication. It can cause more harm than good. Your digestive systems needs the stomach acid that you are producing in order to get all of the nutrients to your body and help you to stay healthy. If you are taking medication for heartburn you are actually interrupting the digestion process and could end up making things worse for yourself.

3. Balanced diet – Remember to eat foods that are part of a balanced diet. Veggies and fruits are much easier for your stomach to digest than processed foods and heavy starches. The easier the food is to digest the less acid your stomach has to produce in order to get the process going.

4. Smoking – If you smoke you are damaging the lining of your esophagus and weakening the esophageal valve. When the valve is weakened acid has an easier time coming up.

5. Tight clothing – Ease up on wearing tight clothing, especially if you are going through a bad bout of heartburn. This forces the acid to come up as the stomach is constricted. You will find that the heartburn becomes much worse with tight jeans or other constricting clothing.

6. Sleep – When you go to bed sleep at an angle instead of flat. There are wedges that you can get that go under the head of your bed to elevate it comfortably. When you sleep lying flat the acid pools in your esophagus and burns through the lining.

7. Smaller meals – Your body has a lot of work to do when you are eating so try to eat smaller meals multiple times per day as opposed to large meals. Also make sure that you are eating slowly to give your body time to begin the digestion process.


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  1. I purchase Boars Head sauerkraut in the meat section of the grocery store and I will put it in the freezer. I take two forks full daily, one in the morning and one before a meal. So far, no heartburn and it works for my acid reflux.

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