How to Cure and Prevent Cancer Without Drugs


robin cancerBy Krystle Crossman

Cancer is a disease that devastates people’s lives. It seems like there are so many different foods and actions that can cause cancer these days. Here are some behaviors which can cure or prevent cancer.

1. Changing your diet: A drastic diet change can be a great tool in self-healing. A diet should consist of primarily whole veggies, grains, beans, and fruits. Sugars and processed foods should be left out completely. When your body is spending so much time cleaning out toxins, it is hard for it to focus on healing as well.

2. More spirituality: A study has shown that those who are active in a spiritual or religious community can extend their lives up to 14 years. Spirituality can mean many different things to different people, but when you practice it, it invokes your body’s self-healing.

3. Turn to feelings of love, happiness, and joy: These feelings help to remove stress from life and help put you on the road to healing much faster.

4. Release the emotions that you have been holding on to: Repressing your emotions can be dangerous. The negative thoughts that you are holding on to are perceived as a threat to your body. Dealing with them can calm your stress response and allow your body to heal properly.

5. Herbs and vitamins: Herbs and vitamins can help to detoxify the body. There is no one specific supplement that can help, but they are good to introduce to your body.

6. Use your intuition: You know what is best for your body. Use your intuition when it comes to the different treatments for cancer, as there are a few that are severely damaging to your healthy cells, such as chemotherapy.


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