How To Deal With Your Toxic Co-Workers


By: Krystle Crossman

We all have them…the coworkers that you just cannot stand. They have difficult personalities and don’t seem to work well with others. These types of coworkers can be very frustrating and can make for a very long and unbearable workday.

First you have the suck up. This is the one who is always bringing lavish homemade goodies to meetings, bringing little gifts to your boss, feeding compliments to all of the higher-ups. The best way to deal with this type of coworker is to ignore them. When you are around your superiors be genuine. Connect with them through similar interests such as kids or sports teams. Don’t go over the top with gushing like the suck; just be you.

Do you have problems concentrating sometimes because the person in the next cube is the loudest person that you have ever heard? This person is someone that you need to confront. Be polite and ask them to quiet down.

Unless you are a personal assistant, your job is not to be making photocopies and getting coffee for your coworkers. There is always that one who thinks they are the head honcho. If they tend to boss you around, just ignore them. Often workers like this are not viewed well by their peers or superiors.

Some people feel that s*x is the only way to get ahead in life. You know that isn’t true, and so do many other people. Ignore this person too; they will not make it very far in their career if this is how they plan on getting ahead.

Then there is the coworker who is always nice to your face but then spreads rumors behind your back and tries to make you look bad. Confront this person. Tell them that you do not appreciate what they say behind your back. This isn’t high school, they should be professional.

Have a gossip in the office? It is best to stay away from this type of person and ignore what they say about others. You don’t need to get sucked into the drama. Deal with your stuff and don’t worry about other people’s lives.



  1. What do you do when a co-worker is petty? For instances…a client asks you a question and before you can get two words out there in your conversation taking over. Now mind that they are the senior person and I don’t want their job ever…but this is her way! Or plays favoritism with another co-worker who has worked with her for a long time! Lets this co-worker who is part-time do what ever she wants to do which is not doing her work and talking on the phone all day with her friends and family. I am actively looking for another position but going to work every day is hell!!!

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