How To Eat Breakfast To Maximize Weight-Loss and Possibly Double Your Efforts


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have probably heard that more than once. Do you know why it’s the most important? It kick-starts your metabolism and sets the tone for how your body burns calories and creates energy for the day.

Now there is a reason to go big on breakfast and skimpy on your other meals. A new study shows that those who eat more than half of their daily calorie balance at breakfast have an easier time losing weight than those who disperse the calories evenly or more in the evening.

The study, which was conducted in Israel, followed 74 women over 12 weeks. They all had 1,400 calorie per day diets which contained the same amounts of carbs, protein, and fat. The first group ate 700 calories at breakfast (which included a chocolate bar), 500 calories for lunch and then 200 calories for dinner. The other group did the opposite and had 200 calories for breakfast, 500 calories for lunch and 700 calories for dinner.

After the study was complete the women who had eaten the large breakfasts had lost 2.5 times more weight than the other group and an average of 4.6 more inches off of their waists. The first group also had improved insulin sensitivity, lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol. They said that they felt less hungry and more satisfied throughout the day.

When you have a big breakfast, make sure that it is still a healthy and balanced one that is made up of protein and low fats. Eggs and yogurt are a great way to start the day out. You can also have something sweet after if you are craving it and it will help to reduce your sweet cravings through the day.


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