How to Fix the Bra Mistakes That You Are Most Likely Making


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Most women feel that bras are annoying, complicated, and painful. Many feel this way however because they are making mistakes when buying or wearing them. Here are 10 common bra mistakes and how to fix them!

1. Don’t buy by cup size. The numerical band size is much more accurate. You could buy two different D cup bras but they could have different band sizes so one may fit while the other does not.

2. Don’t wear a bra that is too small. It will be extremely uncomfortable. Again, look at the band size and measure for that, not by cup size. When you find one that fits you it may seem that the cup size is too big but that can make things more comfortable for you.

3. Don’t fasten the bra on the tightest hook setting. This is a good way to stretch out the bra and decrease the length of time that you can wear it. Find a bra that fits on the first set of hooks and then decrease as needed.

4. Check the placement of the band. It should not be riding up your back. If your band is higher than the underwire you are not wearing it the right way.

5. Don’t go for a contour cup (the kind that hold their shape even sitting in your drawer). If your [email protected] are naturally perky these may work, but if not they will sink to the bottom of the cup.

6. You cannot have just one bra shape. All of you clothes require a different type of bra. One dress may need a strapless, one outfit may need one with a little more push-up ability.

7. Don’t wear a bra more than one day at a time. This will stretch out the elastic and ruin the bra.

8. Don’t use Woolite to wash your bra. It is meant to soften wool, but it softens the elastic too which is not something that you want.

9. Throw the bra out after you have had it for a while (usually around the 8 month mark). By this point it has been stretched out from use and will not support you properly anymore.

10. Do not settle for a bra that does not fit just because it is cheaper or the color that you want. You can always find one that will fit you, it just takes a little work.


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