How To Have High Energy All Day


Happy and healthy black young woman relaxing with open arms outdoorsBy: Krystle Crossman

Do you find that you are energetic in the morning but then start to crash as the day wears on? Here are some tips to keep your energy up all through the day.

1. Sports personality Erin Andrews says that if you live out of a suitcase like she does, the second you get off the plane find a fitness class. Do a good 30 minute workout before doing anything else and it will keep you going.

2. Heidi Klum says that when she gets home she puts down all electronics at the door and does not use them in the house as she finds that they are a huge distraction during the day.

3. Sabrina Soto of HGTV says that in order to keep her energy going she likes to make a list in the morning of things that she is grateful for so that it can remind her through the day of all of the good things there are in life.

4. Actress Rita Wilson says that music is her energy. She listens to all different kinds during the day and it gets her pumped.

5. Surgeon Mary Hooks, M.D. says that when she is in surgery she has a few things that she does to make sure her energy stays up: Make time to eat, wear comfortable shoes, and surrounds herself with other energetic people.

6. Molly McNearey who is one of the co-writers for the Jimmy Kimmel Show says that surrounding yourself with funny people and laughing all day is one of the best ways to get energy.

7. Jenn Berman who is a psychologist says that she will slip away from everything and just take a nice long bath. It relaxes and re-energizes.

8. Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show says that she does something in her life that is really exciting and that is what gets her energized for the day.

9. Actress and singer Vanessa Williams says that exercise is her energy boost for the day. She will mix up her workouts so they don’t get boring.

10. Alex Guarnaschelli of the Food Network says that he has a list of things to keep his energy up but it is hard to find the time sometimes. He enjoys bike rides down the side of the Hudson and playing with his daughter.

11. Country singer Kellie Pickler says that being in good company is one of the best ways to get energy up for the day.

12. Wendy Williams says that after 5pm she sits down with her robe on and just watches the news instead of talking to others which she says can be draining.


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