How To Have It All: Career, Family & Freedom


Black-Working-MothersBy Staff Blogger

Many women want to have it all. They want the career and the family, but the balance between the two tends to be a challenge. Decades ago feminists pushed women to have everything. Now there are more opportunities than ever for that to happen. Here are three tips for women who want to have everything.

1.  Think about what having it all means to you. Does having it all mean working part-time while having a big family? Does it mean having a high-powered career and having a family at the same time? Make sure that whatever your goal is, you keep it at that goal. If you try to do too much you can become frustrated, as you will have little time to see your family should work take up too much time, or you will end up losing your job because you have to be out for family obligations. Balance both evenly and make sure the career you are going after is not going to take up all of your time.

2.  Go out on your own and avoid the middle man. Start your own business. Be your own woman! Do some freelance work, or start up your own company. It will take more time to completely establish yourself, but you won’t have to worry about being called in to work because you are the boss. This does have drawbacks as once you are established, things could get hectic, but if you balance everything correctly, you could have a fulfilling career.

3.  Make your own rules. If you want to work 40 hours, work 40 hours. If you think that night jobs are better for you, don’t look for daytime jobs. Be upfront with potential employers about what you are looking for. You know what is the best fit for you and you the kind of lifestyle you choose to live. At the end of the day, you need to define success for yourself, based on what is most important to you and the people you love.



  1. Gerelyn Reynolds on

    Let’s be real, there’s no such thing as having it all. There aren’t there many hours in the day…somebody or something suffers!!

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